• What is our purpose?

    Because most of our internet users use of electronic money for online investment,we decide to open a TP Bank to creat more safety for users.


  • What is the best feature of our banks?Pursuable of financial transactions which it is one of guarantee cases by us and it is one of the cases which will be useful for Hyips investors .

  • Your money will grow with us.Our bank is profitable  for  you ,because other characteristics of our bank is payment of 0.2 % of daily interest into your stock in our bank accounts


Purchase »

Would you like to purchase from an internet store with complete confidence?

Yes, we provide this possibility which users through our bank purchase from those stores which are the side of our contract with complete confidence and in the case of each kind of negligence be half of seller or server, your paid amount will be return to your account only by proving lack of receiving the product or services.

Investment »

Would you like to invest in hyips with a complete confidence?

Don’t be worry for loss of your capital anymore. Invest into insured hyips through our bank and in the case of lack of payment and in the case of being fraudulent of the mentioned website you can receive all of your capital completely in your account by giving documents which show your investment.

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Safe window toward your customer »

Would you like to open a safe window toward your collections credit card processing?

By opening account in our bank and putting window in our bank inside website of store or your service website concerning all services like investment , you can meet this possibility ,because all transactions in our bank is pursuable . This is profitable both for you and also your website will be a safe place for purchasing and financial interchanges.

Your money will grow

Would you like to earn money?

You should bear in your mind that even if your money deposit in our bank , it can be profitable for you ,because other characteristics of our bank is payment of 0.2 percent of daily interest into your stock in our accounts which they provide through investment in huge projects of refinery by our bank. It means that as if you invest by opening account in our bank and performing financial interchanges through our bank .Meanwhile ,if you have an amount in your account ,it will not stay dull ,but it will grow every day.

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